Z3 Controls recognizes the industrial market as one of the biggest energy users in the world. As such we offer a host of solutions to help our industrial clients cut costs, maximize efficiency and reduce energy waste and consumption.


For building owners and property managers alike Z3 offers a host of solutions for utility monitoring, suite monitoring and related applications for various loads and equipment throughout a commercial facility. 

Critical Infrastructure

With increasing demand on infrastructure Z3 offers solutions tailored for various resource and utility monitoring requirements to assist clients and partners in cost reduction, efficiency and predictive maintenance through out all types of water pumping, waste water and water storage plants and facilities.


Whether it’s monitoring a boiler in a university campus or an air handling unit in a hospital or critical systems in a correctional facility Z3 provides the best quality solutions to institutional clients and partners for building and energy efficiency.

Multi Residential

With increasing utility prices and demands in Multi-Residential buildings Z3 provides utility monitoring solutions for common elements, suite metering and equipment monitoring to help building owners and property management companies capture granular data on all aspects of energy consumption and usage to help reduce costs, assist in reporting and maximize building and energy efficiency.


The inter-connectivity of sensors and intelligent equipment is fast becoming the norm whether it be for intelligent applications or intelligent buildings or even remote applications. Z3 provides an assortment of sensors , solutions and gateways for connecting and monitoring equipment and applications intelligently.


Whether it is monitoring ground water in Wells, utility consumption on farms, tracking heavy loads like fans, monitoring silo levels or resources and utilities in Greenhouse Z3 offers solutions to assist in project and application specific requirements.


At Z3 Controls our main concern is for the environment. Monitoring a facility’s consumption in energy and utilities as well as other resources can make a significantly positive impact on carbon footprint reduction, efficiency and lessen the burden on the environment. Specific applications such as air quality monitoring for pollutants and weather monitoring are provided by Z3 controls as well as a host of others to assist clients in monitoring and tracking resources, utilities and waste.